Wow. Today was a wake-up call. Tried on bathing suits…not happy. Then I realized I am going to Spain to relax on the beach in said bathing suits in ELEVEN DAYS! Yikes, that is scary.

So: time to get serious.

I did really well today about eating healthy and made some homemade granola to munch on this week. Then I ran/walked, played outside with the child I take care of, Yannick, for about 3 hours, did 50 push-ups, danced a bit (always my favorite work-out), and vacuumed the whole house. All in all, I think I did pretty well.

Now I just have to repeat for the next 11 days before I go to Spain and hope that I look semi-decent in my new bathing suit! Ohhhh that is depressing to have to say. I used to be one of those people that would get annoyed when people would talk about how they have to get in shape for “bathing suit season”. Then I grew up and became one of them.

One thing I struggle with a lot is that I am one of those people who needs instant gratification. I’ve probably touched on the fact that I’m not a patient person…well, that includes exercise, too. I tend to slack off a bit when I don’t see results right away, which I know is extremely unreasonable. It takes time to see differences and changes if you are exercising and dieting the healthy and correct way. I just need to get my brain to realize this and not be so greedy, wanting instant changes to suddenly appear.

But now I am not allowed any more slacking. Time to buckle down – summer is a-knockin’.

How are you getting ready for bathing suit season?