Pick-Me-Up Monday

It’s Monday. Again. I know…so far away from Friday. That’s why I’ve decided to start a Pick-Me-Up Monday post to give you something to smile about. I’ll share some of my favorite videos and photos, so that hopefully your Monday will get you off to a great start!

This is how my Monday started:

Woke up at about 5:15 AM and could not sleep any longer. I think part of it was that I was starving, having eating a realllyyyy early dinner yesterday. Like Early Bird Special early. I realized I couldn’t sleep any longer without eating something, so I made a bowl of some of my homemade granola and ate at 5:30 AM, which never happens to me unless I have a really early flight. Remember this post? I am not a morning person.

After eating, I still couldn’t sleep. So here I am, with a Pick-Me-Up Monday post, which I think is a grand idea. Well, it made me happy anyway. 🙂

…this one because Ryan Gosling always makes my day better. And this is probably the best interview I’ve ever seen. Watch it. How can you not smile? This is me right now 😀 😀 😀


…and an old favorite. Gets me every time.


…laughed out loud.


…next: my fun fact(s) of the day.

If you click on the “!” at the end of Yahoo! on their homepage, it sings YAAAHOOOOO! Do it.

Fun fact part 2: it does not work on the Yahoo german page (which it takes me to automatically) clearly proving my thoughts that germans have a different view of “funny”, as seen here in this photo that I took of an ad for The Vampire Diaries here in Germany…

Germany is strange. If anyone can explain to me why there is a vampire chicken, please do. There are no chickens on The Vampire Diaries.


…and last, but not least, a darling picture of my dear Zoë to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

This is how she likes to Skype with me. (Is Skype a verb yet? It should be added.)

Happy Monday, y’all!


In My Dreams

I awake some mornings astounded at how smart I am in my dreams. Today was one of those mornings. Or really, it was the middle of the night when I woke up and thought, ‘wow, do I really know all of those words? they had to come from somewhere in my brain…’. I of course do not remember the exact words now, and cannot be 100% certain that they really exist, but it makes me wonder. When I woke up and could remember most of them, I was pretty confident they were real words that I’ve heard before. However, I’m also confident that I have never used them and do not even know the real meaning of them in real life. So why is it that I know them in my dreams? Sure, I guess my dreams are accessing my unconscious and using information that I’ve unconsciously (ha ha) stored there, but why can’t I access it in my awake life??

It was nice to dream about being super smart (and by super, I mean super). The best part was that while I was using all of these super smart words, I was rapping. So I was a super smart rapper.

Hmm.. OK I get it now. If I was a super smart freestyle rapper, it would just be unfair to the rest of the world. ‘Cause who can resist that? Must be why these talents are packed away nicely. Who knows… one day maybe they will come soaring out. Watch out, World.


As a side note about dreaming, I once dreamed that I was taking down these two paintings that hang above my bed at my mom’s house. When I woke up, they were on the floor beside me. I had actually taken them down in my sleep. W.e.i.r.d. And once when I was in high school and my mom was waking me up, I must have been dreaming about dinosaurs because I lifted my arm into her face and growled (roared? what do dinosaurs do?) at her. This is all from her account. I was asleep; don’t remember.

Makes me wonder what else I have done while sleeping?

At least I don’t act like this… (in human form)… I hope.


Hello, My Name is…

Did you just finish that sentence with “Slim Shady” and start rapping to yourself? Because I know I did as soon as I typed the those words. And I apologize for inflicting that song into your day. I also hope that this does not damage your first impression of me. I am not normally an Eminem-rapping girl; it just happened.

Getting to the point of this post…I wanted to first introduce myself and the basis of my blog before I began posting. I’m currently living in Germany as an au pair until May 2012. I’ve been here 6 months so far and am loving my life. The point of moving here for 9 months was to travel and see the world (or the European part of it) before I get too settled somewhere. Traveling is one of my one true loves and this experience has been amazing. You can follow my journey at http://www.mygypsyyear.blogspot.com.

Moving on… I decided to create this blog because of my love of writing, food, the environment, animals, and just having a balanced, healthy life in general. This blog will probably contain a lot of random topics, but will focus mainly on living a happy, balanced life, for yourself and for the planet we live on.

And with that…I will begin.

P.S. I love comments. Bring ’em on!