Long Time No See (Read)

Surprised to see me? I’ve been out of the blog-loop for a while. I do have a good excuse, though. I’ve been almost non-stop traveling since the end of March…which leaves me with a lot of blogs to write about my travels.

First, I just wanted to give an update that I’m still here and my next new post will be about the Andalucia region of Spain, which I traveled to from March 28 – April 4.

After that comes Croatia, where I spent April 6 – 9. Then I had about a week break where I was frantically catching up on other things in my life and washing clothes, then packing again.

Because next, I went to Barcelona from April 18 – 22.

Now I’m back in Germany for 1 week and 1 day until I fly back to America on May 1st. I’m ecstatic to go home, especially after meeting friends in Barcelona who I haven’t seen in 9 months. I can’t wait to go back and see them plus the rest of my friends and family! Right now, the excitement of seeing everyone and eating some pancakes with bacon is overwhelming my sadness of leaving Europe. I estimate that after a couple of weeks home, I’ll be itching to come back here. Why can’t the EU and North America be closer?? Or the better question is: why is Apparition not a real thing? Can somebody make this happen, please?

I am going to stop writing about the blogs I will soon be posting, and am going to go actually write them, but here are some preview photos of Andalucia…


4 thoughts on “Long Time No See (Read)

      • Yes! We did see la Sagrada Familia! Beautiful! They’ve been building it for 120 years and are not even halfway done. They say that it will be done in 2026 (the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death by a tram), but I can’t see how that is possible! You have to go see it someday! I have pics of it to post!

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