Motivation Hide-and-Seek

After eating healthy while on vacation, finding my motivation again after vacation is one of the challenges I’m facing right now. My body and brain get in vacation mode and then don’t want to switch back to real life. So I figure that if I write it in a post, it will help me to find motivation again. Tomorrow, I am going to be more productive, run, and eat well.

I will post again tomorrow about running and how I ate so that it will make me do it. For me, after I have one good day, my motivation returns and it’s easy to live every day healthy. It’s just the first day after vacation that is difficult.

In addition to posting about it as my motivation, I will also have to go bathing suit shopping at some point this weekend for my upcoming trips to Spain and Croatia. If nothing else gets me motivated, the first bathing suit session after winter should do the trick nicely.

Until tomorrow…